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I help brands join the conversation.

Social media isn’t about talking about something. It’s about talking to someone. Most companies still don’t get social media. It’s not an opportunity to sell your customers something. It’s an opportunity to find out more about them, engage with them on a one-to-one level, build brand awareness, loyalty, and a positive reputation.

These days, everyone’s a social media guru, digital svengali, or whatever they’re calling themselves this month. But the fact is that most social media experts are just like the rest of us: learning bit by bit, month on month. The world of social media is changing fast — all we can do is try to keep up and stay on top.

As a digital copywriter, I write fast, quick, engaging copy that’s suitable for cross-pollination of a variety of social media sources. From snappy tweets to fun and functional facebook pages, I create copy that’s conversational, friendly, and — most importantly of all — human.

I’m not a social media guru. But I can advise you on social media strategy. If you’re looking for a friendly ear and some home-spun advice about everything from tumblr to twitter, give me a call. I’m here to help you build a campaign around your ideas — and find ways to use social media to do it.

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