July 30, 2015The slick marketing campaign of Jeremy Corbyn

I admire Jeremy Corbyn as a man of principle. His principles aren’t mine – but I admire him nonetheless.

It turns out so do a lot of other people. Because incredibly, Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left candidate who befriended Sinn Fein at a time when the IRA were still targeting civilians with terror attacks on British Soil and now wants us to leave NATO – is poised to take leadership of the Labour party.

And although it’s a long, long, long shot, his grassroots activist base could propel him into 10 Downing Street in 2020.

He only even made it onto …

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June 4, 2013How to inspire brand loyalty

As somebody who writes this stuff for a living, I consider myself pretty immune to marketing. But today I felt some brand loyalty stirring... what could have caused it? Had I stumbled upon brand loyalty nirvana?

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May 16, 2013Why I’ve started talking bollocks

Recently, a friend of mine told me about his new favourite pastime: endorsing people for skills they don't have on LinkedIn. So I decided to take it one step further and add a skill everyone could endorse me for... I decided to tell everyone I was good at talking bollocks. Here's why.

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January 9, 2013Author Rank has a dark side. In fact, it has four.

While it’s great that Google has found a way to reward individuals who consistently produce high quality content and are experts in their field, Google’s Author Rank changes are going to make life very difficult for a while. Here’s why:

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March 1, 2012Google, this is why privacy matters

As Google stake their claim on more and more of our data, I find myself going to greater and greater lengths to hide it. I'm just one man - but all it would take would be a simple plugin to automate the process to put a spanner in Google's works.

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January 27, 2012Snickers’ social media campaign is advertising genius at its best

Send a few fake tongue-in-cheek tweets. Then tell everyone it was a joke, associate the joke with the brand. A formula so simple a child could have created it. Yet they didn’t. It was the work of a fiendishly clever advertising brain. But why are ASA investigating it?

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December 16, 2011Why Don Draper will never use Facebook Timeline

friendships are enriched by slowly discovering things about a person — we are partly defined by our past and our present but also by our future — by our hopes and our aspirations. Facebook Timeline may leave us all forever looking back on each other’s pasts.

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October 2, 2011The timelines they are a changin’

Facebook wants me to share my Spotify music choices with you. And it doesn't want to give me a say in the matter. Here's why that's a terrible idea on so many levels.

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June 13, 2011Into fashion? You — and your brand — need to get into Tumblr.

When I joined Tumblr in 2009, I thought I was pretty late to the party. But the microblogging platform has only gone from strength to strength to strength. But although I hang out there all the time, and have even made a few friends there (although not as many as my livejournal days) I don’t use it for business.

Tumblr started out a little like a cooler version of Twitter. I’ve often said that Twitter feels like a water cooler for us bored, lonely freelancers who don’t get to enjoy the simple pleasures of office gossip — well, Tumblr …

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April 13, 2011Are you projecting your true personality online?

What kind of person do you portray yourself as online? Are you businesslike or fun? Loud and noisy, or quiet and thoughtful? Does your personality change when you’re talking to friends on Facebook or Twitter? And are your online friends completely surprised by what you’re like when they meet you in real life?

It was an article about the ‘golden years’ of Livejournal that got me thinking. If you don’t remember Livejournal, it was more or less the first social blogging platform. Before Facebook, before Twitter, before Tumblr, before Blogspot and WordPress, it was a place where people met people …

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