June 26, 2009SEO and linkbait vs the fundamentals

I’ve been brushing up on my new media skills. I started out copywriting for blogs and websites a few years ago when SEO as we now understand it was but a glint in the web developer’s eye. Now in new media, it’s the undisputed king.

Yet times are changing. Already it’s being argued that Facebook is killing SEO. Essentially, ‘linkbait’ is what’s going to drive hits to your website in the future. It’s another one of those fancy buzzwords, but it’s nothing new. It’s just a modern form of a technique that has worked for generations — in fact, …

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June 21, 2009Why I’m never using Twitter

I took a poll of my friends. ‘How should I kick-start my blog?’ I asked them. ‘It’s got to be something current, something that’s relevant to my business , something that shows I’m on the ball…’

And they said — write about Twitter.

I said no. For starters, I don’t twitter. From what I’ve seen of it, I’ve no desire to be any part of it. Moreover, writers writing about twitter (from either side) have pretty much done the subject to death. Talking about Twitter (if you’ll forgive me sounding like a teenager) is just so 2008.

Then I read …

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