The agency:
Daar Communication

The brief: After the successful soft launch of NESCAFÉ’s Milano coffee machine, ingredients, and support system designed for cafe and restaurant owners, I was brought on board to update the website and create friendly, consumer focused copy for an integrated marketing campaign aimed at both educating a wider audience about the growth potential of specialty coffee, the push-button simplicty of NESCAFÉ’s professional coffee machines, the quality of their ingredients, and the ProCare support programme.

The work: I worked with NESCAFÉ’s chosen agency to produce multi-purpose copy, including a 28 page website for the global market, highlighting NESCAFÉ’s brand proposition and encouraging people to make the switch to their all-in-one system.

The challenge: To create a site that was consumer focused and friendly, appealing to cafe and restaurant owners, while still remaining professional and adhering to NESCAFÉ’s corporate guidelines.

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