Oasis – High Street Fashion

The brief: Oasis, a major women’s high street retailer, came to me looking for ideas to help their agency with the ongoing development of their in-store and online identity.

The work: As part of a wider brand refresh, I helped by providing a branding report with suggestions about possible future directions for the brand, enabling the client to make better use of their agency by presenting alternative ideas. I also produced creative copy in an informal, relaxed, conversational style to be displayed in-store, from shop signage to digital copy to be used in iPad based interactive displays.

I also wrote copy for retail job advertisments, along with giving recommendations on how to use social media to encourage a greater number of job applications from Oasis’ core market demographic, and providing a way to use social media as a filter to vet job applications and ensure staff are a good match for the brand’s values and aspirations.

Visit: Oasis’ flagship Oxford Circus store, London.

Read: The branding report I wrote for Oasis

Press:  Oasis introduces iPad shopping in changing rooms (Guardian)

Press: Oasis revolutionise British high street with iPads (Daily Mail)


  • Brand report
  • Creative and conceptual idea generation
  • Short copy for in-store display
  • Digital copy for instore iPad display
  • Job advertisments
  • Social media advice






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